Auxiliaries and Ministries

While the general congregation of Mt. Zion serves to provide the basic organization of the church, auxiliaries are necessary to provide additional opportunities for Christian growth and development. Also, the various auxiliaries, committees and choirs complement the church spiritually, emotionally, and financially. The basic church organizations or auxiliaries at Mt. Zion include:

Sunday School Department

Mt. Zion’s Sunday School is open to the community-at-large each Sunday morning from 9:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.  The Sunday School strives diligently to achieve its purpose of transforming lives by reaching the lost, teaching the Word of God, and equipping others for discipleship.

—Missionary Department

The Missionary Department ministers to the sick, poor and needy. It not only lends a helping hand to whose in need, but it helps to win the lost to Christ, relieve the suffering and sorrowing, and make the community a better place to live.

—Ushers’ Board

The Ushers’ Board serve as the chosen representative of the Church in ushering, welcoming worshippers and visitors, assuring order during worship services, making everyone comfortable, and assisting the congregation during the offertory portion of the service. 

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry leads children and young adults to Christ and encourages them to know Him as Lord and Savior. It promotes love, fellowship, trust, understanding and Christian unity among the youth in the church. In addition, it engages youth in programs that will enrich and enhance all aspects of life – spiritually, socially, physically, and emotionally.

—Evangelistic Ministry

The Evangelistic Ministry has been given a great commission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As disciples of Christ, the Evangelistic Ministry is dedicated to teaching the Word of God, serving those in need, feeding and clothing the homeless, and providing various services to the community.


Men of Destiny

The Men of Destiny is open to all males in the church who are 18 years of age and older. It assists in the personal and spiritual growth of all men within the church.  It serves as an avenue and a place for men to come together to develop friendships,   promote harmony, and to encourage one another.

Women of Zion

The Women of Zion is a ministry within the church that includes all women from 18 years of age and older. In addition, it is a ministry where women can reach beyond their personal interests and comfort zones to embrace women of all ages, races, professions, and social standings.

—Singles of Zion

—The Singles of Zion provides a comfortable atmosphere for singles 18 years of age and older – people who have never been married, those who have been divorced, those who have been widowed, and single parents. It provides instructions, fellowship, and spiritual encouragement needed to become esteemed members of the body of Christ.

—Covenant Couples Ministry

Covenant Couples Ministry builds, educates and encourages married couples from a biblical perspective as well as provide fun social activities for all stages of marriages.

—Connection Groups

Connection Groups serve as the extended family and the basic building block of the church and the community. The Connection Groups provide a sense of community, a sense of belonging, interactions, and commitments for the entire congregation. Connection Groups members have an obligation to go outside the walls of the church, spread the Word of God and cheer. 


—Church Administrative Board

The principal function of the Administrative Board is to oversee the operation of the entire church.  The pastor is Chairman of the Administrative Board.  Some of the specific duties of the Administrative Board are: to serve as an information center through which suggestions for improvement of the church can be channeled; to formulate and recommend to the Church suggested objectives and short-range and long-range goals; and to develop and recommend to the Church action plans for reaching Church goals.


—Steering Committee

The principal function of the church Steering Committee is to communicate, plan, coordinate, and evaluate the church’s ongoing programs of work. It has the vital responsibility to keep all members of the Steering Committee as well as the auxiliaries and committees informed of any changes made that would involve the operation of each auxiliary and committee. More specifically, the Steering Committee is to plan a calendar of events for the church on a monthly basis.

Pastor’s Aide Committee

The Pastor’s Aide Committee provides spiritual, emotional, and encouragement to the pastor and his family as they carry out their official duties to the church. In addition, it provides financial support and assistance to the pastor and his family.

—Education Committee

The Education Committee is an extension of the Sunday School Department. It educates the congregation and the community for discipleship in order to ensure that our God’s purpose is fulfilled. It is responsible for planning and executing Vacation Bible School, Back-to-School Workshops, and seminars. The Education Committee is in charge of coordinating teachers and activities for the church. In addition, the Education Committee gives recognition to high school and college graduates annually.  

—Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee is an extension of the Evangelistic Ministry. It is responsible for transporting to and from church any persons who desire to attend the church services.  The committee oversees the operation of the vehicles of the church. 

—Media Ministry

The Media Ministry’s objective is provide sound and visual presentations of the services. It provides the congregation and community with the Word of God through CDs and DVDs. It also plays a vital role in the church by communicating special events of the church.

—Ministry of Caring

The Ministry of Caring is an outreach ministry designed to let the church members and the community know GOD CARES AND SO DO WE.  The Ministry of Caring enables the church to fulfill many of its responsibilities by showing acts of kindness.  It is a ministry where the whole church can get involved and work together in love and harmony. It is hoped that through this ministry the entire church will experience a spirit of love that comes from an atmosphere of caring. 


—Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee’s role is to serve the church in assisting in whatever capacity is needed, serving others, and kindly receiving guests and ministers. They demonstrate genuine concern and care for the members and visitors.

—Greeters Ministry

The greeters’ main duty is to warmly acknowledge, meet, and welcome the members and visitors who come to church. It is an opportunity to express God’s love through Christ and help set the tone of the upcoming worship service. Greeters ensure that people see and experience the love found in the body of Christ upon entering the church. 


—Safety and Security Team

The Safety and Security Team provides a comfortable and safe environment for the church services. In addition, it provides information on safety and security concerns. Also, the Team is equipped to deal with medical emergencies within the church. should they occur. 

—Music and Arts Ministry 

The Music & Arts Ministry functions as ministers of the gospel through music, song and arts and recognizes such as a calling from God.  The primary purpose is to lead the congregation in worship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit by setting the spiritual tone for worship services and preparing the congregation to receive the preached Word of God.

——Worship and Praise Ministry 

The Worship and Praise Ministry is responsible for expressing through words and songs, “praise, worship and thanksgiving” to God and leading the congregation to do likewise.  It leads the congregation in worship and praise for the mighty acts of God, and bring attention to who He is – His traits and characteristics.


Choirs that spread the gospel in song include:

—Gospel Choir

(mainly adult male and females who enjoy singing hymns, traditional and contemporary gospel songs)

—Inspirational Choir

(mainly the youth 13 years and older) and adults who enjoy singing contemporary gospel songs)

—Mass Choir

Both Gospel and Inspirational Choirs combined (sings periodically)

—Youth Choir - Ages 3-16

—Men’s Choir - males of the church (sings periodically)

—Women’s Choir - women of the church (sings periodically)